Missouri PTA:  PTA submits $2 per local member to the Missouri PTA, this money is used to fund the following support provided by the MO PTA organization.

  • State PTA Convention 
  • State PTA Office building 
  • State PTA Tool Kit for Local PTA Units  
    • Includes Annual Membership Information
  • State PTA Magazine (Contact) 
  • Regional Newsletters Publications
  • Website  
  • Leadership Conference for Local PTA Board Members
  • National PTA Delegates 
  • Special Projects 

National PTA: $2.25 of dues collected locally are sent to the National PTA.  This money is used to support PTA at the National Level.  Resources and support they provide include the following:

  • Legislative Office: Washington D.C
  • National PTA Headquarters: Chicago
  • Field Services Magazine (Our Children) 
  • National PTA Convention 
  • Website Electronic notices & communications
  • Resources/Publications 
  • Special Projects 

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions our group events have been cancelled.  We will continue to update our yearly plans and make adjustments at each monthly PTA meeting.  Please join us as we find new creative ways to support our students and staff during this time.

Sni-A-Bar PTA Board Meetings:

Board Meetings occur on the second Tuesday of the month at 6pm in the school library.